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Andanita Tay of Tagatay

Andanita Tay of Tagatay
Picnic Grove Picnic Grove
Peoples park Peoples park in the sky

Hotels Resorts - Tagaytay, Philippines

Taal LakeTagaytay is a city in the province Cavite and is one of the popular destinations of the Philippines. Tagaytay is home to Taal Volcano, its an active and world smallest vulcano. Its an island in the middle of the Taal lake with a landscape of cider and ash. Tagaytay has a great view over the whole area. After Baguio is Tagaytay the second highest city in the Philippines, called "The Second summer capital" and is a tourist place because of its high altitude and cooler temperature than in Manila. Tagaytay City is located on the top of the Tagaytay Ridge whith a top of 640 m above sea level. There are many places for a picnic like the Picnic grove and Peoples park. A visit to the Volcano Island and its enumerable side spots is a good side trip. Tagaytay can be reached by bus or car from South of Manila via the Coastal Road Expressway or the South luzon Express way (SLEX) in about 1 - 1.5 hour.

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