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Tamaraw fallsTamaraw falls
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Hotels Resorts - Mindoro, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Outrigger boatMindoro is located in the South-West part of Luzon, North-East of Palawan and South-East of Visayas. The island is divided into two provinces, Occidental Mindoro and Oriental Mindoro. The main industries are toursm and agriculture. The agriculture products are sugar cane, fish, poultry, bananas, rambutan, rice, peanuts, citrus and coconut. Puerto Galera is one of the popular destinations in the philippines, many tourist from Europe, Australia and America visit this touristic place for swimming, diving and snorkelling. Aside the sea there are special tours, adventure trips, camping, mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, fishing and bird watching. Beach MindoroPuerto galera, Sabang and White beach has many resorts with different prices and a nightlife with numerous bars and restaurants. Another interesting place, not far away from Puerto Galera is the Tamaraw Falls. There are a serie of small waterfalls falling down 130 meters and ending up in a small pool with a small picnic area. Mount Halcon with a peak of 2500 meters above sea level is considered to be the third highest peak in the Philippines and is a heaven for adventurous whi likes nature tripping and mountain climbing. Another touristic destinations are Lubang Island and the Apo Reef National Park. The northern part of Mindoro Can be reaches in 3.5 hours by bus to Batangas Pier and then by boat.

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