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Banaue rice terracesBanaue rice terraces
Banaue viewpointBanaue Viewpoint
Ifugao womenIfugao women

Hotels Resorts - Ifugao - Banaue, Philippines

Lake KianganIfugao lies in the middle of Luzon with borders to Benguet, Mountain Province, Isabela and Nueva Vizcaya, The land is rugged terrain, river valleys, and massive forests. The capital is Lagawe. The peaks of the mountains can be reached till 1500 meters and is drained by the waters of the Magat River. For their family needs the Ifugao women do weaving. The culture of Ifugao revolves around rice and the harvest they celebrate with fiesta’s. The major cottage industries of the province are loomweaving, woodcarving, basketry, rice wine brewing and papermaking. The biggest attraction in Ifugao is the rice terraces in Banaue. The rice terraces and the culture of its native inhabitants makes Ifugao and Banaue an interesting destination for travelers. They are often dubbed the eighth wonder of the ancient world as their age and scale is comparable to that of the official seven wonders, of which only the Pyramids of Giza remain. The rice terraces is listed in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Travelling time is around the 9 hours and the distance is from the north part of metro manila about 330 km.

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Resorts and Hotels

The cottages are traditional Ifugao houses, constructed of solid hardwood frames and thatched roofs. They are perfect examples of Ifugao craftsmanship, built entirely without the use of nails, joining major pieces of timber by means of mortise and tenon. Roofs are leakproof thatch built over solid wooden frames, all joined by rattan cordage. Guests find that they are much more spacious inside than what the exterior views would suggest. They are in fact quite warm and cozy.

Sanafe Lodge, a solid structure of pinewood, weathered planks and concrete is poised majestically on a ridge amidst luxuriant foliage that breathes the grandeur of nature and the gifted artistry of one of the world's famous wonders.

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