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Dunsulan FallsDunsulan Falls

First lane defense markerFirst lane defense marker

Mt. Silangan Morong BataanMt. Silangan Morong Bataan

Hotels Resorts - Bataan, Philippines

Death MarkerBataan borders to Pampanga, Zambales, South Chinese Sea and Subic Bay. The capital of Bataan is Balanga City and is only 2.5 hours driving from Manila. The Battle of Bataan is famous in the history during World War II against the japanese. The extension of the Zambales Mountains is the rocky Bataan Penisula. The main industry is agriculture. Cattle and carabao fattening, hog raising, and poultry industry, especially broilers and ducks and egg production, are some of the promising livelihood programs in the province. Also the tourism is a growing industry. Bataan offers bird-watching sites, turtle sanctuaries, springs, waterfalls, Beautiful beaches and countless shrines to the courage of humanity over the horrors of a not-so distant war.

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