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Information about the Philippines

Boracay palm treesThe Philippines is an island in the south-east of Asia. On the West side of the Philippines is Vietnam and in between the South Chinese Sea, the north its seperated by the Luzon Strait to China and Taiwan. On the south west side of Palawan, west side of the Philippines, when crossing the Sulu sea you end up in Malaysia. On the south of Mindanao is Indonesia seperated by Celebes Sea.

The capital is Manila and is after Quezon City the second biggest city of the Philippines. Its located in Luzon and is together with 15 other cities Metro manila. The other cities are Caloocan, Las Piñas, Makati, Malabon, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Navotas, Pasay, Pasig, Parañaque, Quezon City, San Juan, Taguig and Valenzuela. Metro manila has more than 15 million inhabitants.

There are official 2 languages, Filipino and English. main language is Filipino and is based on Tagalog. Ensglish is nationwide used and is the medium of instruction in higher education. Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon or Ilonggo, Bicol, Waray, Pampango, and Pangasinense are the 8 dialects spoken by the major Filipinos.

Click to enlarge map of PhilippinesThe Philippines consists 7107 islands, most of the islands are very small. More than 2000 islands are uninhabited and more than 2500 has no name. The islands has mountains and white sand beaches. The bigger islands have a lot to offer for the tourist like an adventure holiday or a sun, sea and beach holiday.The biggest island of the Philippines is Luzon with the most inhabitants, other big islands are Mindanao, Panay (in the Visayas), Palawan, Mindoro, Samar, Negros, Leyte, Cebu, Bohol and Masbate.

The Philippines has a numerous mountains, the highest mountain is Mt Apo in Mindanao, south east of Davao, with a top of 2,954 metres above sea level. Second highest mountain is Mt Dulang-dulang with an peak of 2,938 meters above sea level and is also located in Mindanao. In Luzon is the third highest mountain Mt Pulag with a highest peak of 2,922 meters above sea level and is located where the provinces Benguet, Ifugao en Nueva Vizcaya meet together. Its an attraction for all mountain climbers. 22 vulcanos are still active, the last eruption was in 1991 Pinatubo in Luzon. The explosion caused enormous devastation, 45,000 houses were totally destroyed, 250,000 people were left homeless and near to 1,000 deaths. Nowadays in this area the beaches are still brown because of the eruption.

This country has about 421 rivers, most of them are death, the longest river is the Cagayan river in the North of Luzon. it starts in the Province Nueva Vizcaya and is crossing the provinces Quirino, Isabela and Cagayan throught the Cagayan valley and end up in Pacific Ocean at Aparri. The total length is about 530 km. The biggest river in Metro manila is the Pasig river, it connects the Laguna bay to the Manila Bay. In Mindanao is the Pulangi River, also know as the Rio Grande de Mindanao. This river has a length of 320 km and is the second largest river in the Philippines and is the largest in Mindanao. It starts somewhere near Butuan City then joins with the Kabacan River before emptying into the Moro Gulf through Cotabato City in Celebes sea.

The Philippines has 2 season, the dry season from jeepneydecember to may and the rainy season from june to november. During those months several typhoons crossing this country. On september typhoon Ketsana, in the Philippines called Onday, hits Metro manila and made the city Marikina flooding and made landfall on Northern Luzon provinces of Aurora and Quezon and it brought heavy rain fall. The temperature is avarage 29C. during december and 34C. during april and may in Metro manila.


Local transport by jeepney

Many tourist destinations are in the Philippines, The white sand beaches are the most popular but also mountain hiking and climbing. Numerous hotels and resorts can be found all over the country.

Baguio in the Province Benquet is popular because of its cool climate, foggy hills, panoramic views and lovely flowers. Its called the Summer Capital of the Philippines and is located 1500 meters above sea level, the temperature is 8 degrees lower as in Metro manila.

Subic in the province Zambales has many tourist attractions which include casinos, beach resorts, diving/snorkelling, parks, beachside huts and cottages and historical artifacts.

Sagada in the Mount province is a very popular destination of foreign adventurers. Sagasa features caves can be easy explored. Its interesting to walk along waterfall or an underground river.

Kalesa ManilaManila is also popular destination because of its nightlife, bars and restaurants. Intramuros contains some of the city's most interesting museums, ruins, and churches including the Manila Cathedral. Rizal park, also known as the Luneta, is an public promenade and features the Rizal Monument a statue of the Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal.

Boracay lies on northwest tip of Panay, in the west Visayas region and is known as one of the finest swimming destinations in the world with beautiful beaches. The crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming, sailing, fishing and sunbathing, it has lots of hotels and resorts.

Bicol in the Bicol Region is most famous for Mount Mayon, also called Mayon Volcano, which is an active vulcano in Albay.

Puerto Galera on the island Mindoro is also one of the popular destinations in the philippines, many tourist from Europe, Australia and America visit this touristic place for swimming, diving and snorkelling.

Hundred Islands National Park in Pangasinan has more than hundred islands. Most of the islands are small and there are no inhabitants only during daytime by local and foreign tourist.

Chocolate hillsBohol is one of the loveliest islands in southern Philippines. It is situated at the heart of Visayas. The Chocolate Hills is one of the many natural wonders to be found in Bohol. The province is the home of the world's smallest monkey, the tarsier.

The exotic beauty of Palawan remains undefiled. Paradise Island and Beach Resort is definitely one of the most famous and best tourist attractions in the Philippines. It has a gorgeous white sand beach and clear waters making it a perfect place for beach-walking, lying down the sand, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Villa Escudero, a coconut plantation village in San Pablo City, Laguna, was developed by its owners into a tourist destination complete with swimming pools, picnic area, fishing grounds, and modern amenities. Special packages can be arranged to include overnight stay with food and accommodation.

Tagaytay is called the second summer capital of the Philippines lies 640 meters above sea level. I has a nice view over the Taal lake and vulcano and has many attractions.

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